Repointing Blackburn

Repointing and Stone Restoration Services Blackburn

Marshall Builders is an experienced stonework and masonry company that delivers the highest level of work on every project. We offer a comprehensive range of repointing and stone restoration services for all types of properties in Blackburn, including:


We offer reliable repointing services for domestic and commercial properties in Blackburn. Brickwork mortar deteriorates over time, meaning repointing is eventually needed to prevent significant damage developing.

Our experienced team of bricklayers provide high-quality repointing services suitable for all property types, from modern homes to historical buildings.

Stone Restoration

Our stone restoration services in Blackburn breathe new life into cherished historical properties with ailing masonry.

Experienced in both modern and traditional stonemasonry techniques, our team carefully restore and repair structures and facades of historical buildings in Blackburn.

Stone restoration services are suitable for all Grade I listed buildings in Blackburn designed by Historic England.

Natural Stone Walling

Our natural stone walling services are perfect for properties in Blackburn seeking elegant stone wall structures. Suitable for decorative garden walls and functional boundary walls, we build beautiful natural stone walls from locally sourced and sustainable materials.

Rope Access

We offer affordable rope access services for all types of building projects in Blackburn.

Rope access is a great alternative to scaffolding, providing quick and easy access to high-elevation areas of buildings. If you need to repair and restore masonry at high elevations, our team is IRATA level 1-3 certified to ensure the highest health and safety standards.

Historical Brick Repairs

We offer cost-effective brick repair services that help restore and renovate historical buildings in Blackburn. Working alongside architects, our team carefully restore and repair brickwork for historical buildings throughout Blackburn.

Traditional Brickwork

We provide traditional brickwork services for all types of properties in Blackburn. Our team of bricklayers have extensive experience in traditional brickwork techniques, delivering the highest level of repairs.