About Us

About Marshall Builders based Liverpool

Marshall Builders specialise in building restoration, preservation and conservation in Liverpool and the North West. Our areas of expertise range from traditional brickwork to historical brick repairs, stone restoration and repointing. We also offer a natural stone walling service.

Our primary area of expertise is the restoration of historical buildings, historical brickwork and stonework and repointing incorrect historical cementitious mixes. As such, our operatives are trained in a combination of traditional and modern brickwork, stonework, masonry and repointing techniques.

Stone Restoration House Liverpool

Safe and timely completion

Marshall Builders is a family run business and we boast an excellent reputation within the industry. The breadth of our expertise is unrivalled and we pride ourselves in the excellence of our finish.

With every job we undertake, we aim to uphold this reputation by ensuring the safe and timely completion of all jobs, within designated budgets. All our brickwork and stonework operatives are trained in accordance with the highest safe standards on Rope Access and working at heights. Thus, eliminating the need for erecting costly and cumbersome scaffolding, when working at height.

Reputation within the industry

As a result, we have lent our expertise to a broad range of buildings, including Grade I listed buildings, as determined by Historic England. However, we also undertake large scale domestic and commercial projects.

These can include domestic extensions, brick wall construction and all manner of bricklaying projects. Please contact Marshall Builders today, for more information on your building restoration, domestic or commercial projects.