Historical Brick Repairs

Building preservation

Marshall Builders offer an unparalleled historical brick repair service in Liverpool and across the North West. With years of experience in the fields of building restoration and building preservation, we have served a broad range of clientele. Accordingly, our list of past projects includes some of Liverpool and the North West’s most notable historical buildings.

Historical brick repair

Our remedial work experts work in close consultation with architects, to return invaluable historic buildings, to their former glory. On other occasions, we have worked from photographs, for our historical brick repair works.

Also, we have conducted brick repairs not only on damaged buildings, but also some that have been demolished.

Bricks to deteriorate

A range of factors can cause bricks to become degraded and require repair work. Most commonly, water damage from the elements or leaks, can cause bricks to deteriorate. Also, salt crystallisation plays a major role in many of the jobs we see.

Environmental factors

Harsh frosts, combined with historical cement mortar, can cause crumbling in brick faces. In the industry, this is known as spalling.

Other environmental factors, such as tree roots and invasive plant species, can further affect brickwork. Finally, changes in buildings’ structural designs, such as removal of load-bearing walls, can also lead to the degradation of bricks.