Stone Restoration

Stonemasonry heritage

At Marshall Builders, we take great pride in restoring examples of our nation’s rich and diverse stonework and stonemasonry heritage.

This pride has driven our passion to refine our expertise, over the course of two decades.

Stone repair and restoration

In that time, we have worked extensively on numerous historic and iconic buildings, including Grade I listed buildings, as designated by Historic England, in Liverpool and the North West.

Although our services provide complete building restoration, for listed and historic buildings we offer this exclusive stone repair and restoration service. Contact Marshall Builders today, for further and advice and information.

Decay and degradation

Historical stonemasonry is liable to decay and degradation. Also, weather damage, particularly rain and frost, can take a visible toll over the years.

Additionally, incorrect mortar mixes can cause extensive damage to stonemasonry. Finally, carbon staining is another common problem which we often encounter.

Traditional and modern

As part of our stone restoration service, we carry out repairs on all stonework and stonemasonry, including both structures and facades. At Marshall Builders, we use a combination of traditional and modern stonemasonry techniques as part of our stone restoration service.

Whether the repair requires complete removal and replacement, or surface consolidation will suffice, our stonemasonry experts are on hand.