Rope Access

Rope access specialist

Conforming to the highest safety standards, Marshall Builders’ building restoration, preservation and conservation operatives are all level 1 to level 3 Irata-trained.

Trained and equipped

Marshall Builders’ building restoration service can encompass whole buildings or smaller-scale repairs at high elevations. As part of our commitment to safety, all our operatives are trained and equipped for working at heights.

Our operatives are all Irata-trained from level 1 to level 3. This conforms with the highest safety standards. Accordingly, we are able to offer an extremely safe, cost effective, time efficient, and flexible service.

Thorough inspection

In the past, building restoration works which required repointing, brick and stone repair, would require the erection of scaffolding. However, rope access eliminates many of the pitfalls of scaffolding.

Rope access enables our building restoration operatives to safely access even the highest elevations of a building. This means that we can provide a thorough inspection, ensuring that not a single spot is missed, as part of our restoration work.

Less disruption

Furthermore, the elimination of the need for scaffolding means the elimination of both the cost and time spent on its erection. Apart from saving time and money, the aesthetics of the building being restored are not affected, also meaning less disruption for you.

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