Natural Stone Walling

Masonry techniques

Marshall Builders’ brickwork, repointing and building restoration expertise extends to the erection of natural stone walling. Serving Liverpool and the North West, our expertise encompasses a broad range of stonework and masonry techniques.

Also known simply as stone walling, the process involves the combined use of traditional stonework skills, which date back several millennia, and modern structural techniques.

Today, natural stone walls have witnessed a resurgence of interest, thanks to their aesthetic and robust structural properties.

Mastery of stonework

At Marshall Builders, we specialise in this traditional skill, with our skilled stonemasons’ mastery of stonework. For boundary walls, bordering neighbours and main roads, and for decorative garden walls, natural stone walling is the perfect option.

Stonework experts

Using stone from local sustainable sources, Marshall Builders provide an unrivalled natural stone walling service in Liverpool and the North West.

Our stonework experts possess extensive expertise in stonemasonry and leave a high-end result, every single time.

Aesthetics and functionality

When erected correctly, stone walls are extremely durable, capable of lasting for centuries. Furthermore, stonemasonry is highly weather resist. In short, stone is the best material for masonry in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Whether you are seeking natural stone walling for a boundary wall, domestic property wall or a decorative garden wall, contact the stonemasonry experts at Marshall Builders today.